About the Lawyer

Nathan Hakimi

Nathan Hakimi was born and raised in Skokie, IL where he attended Niles North High School, participating in gymnastics and theatre. In 2005, Nathan spent a semester on an exchange program in Israel which left a deep impact on him and informed the rest of his life. A dedicated family man, Nathan has a wife and one daughter and they live together in Chicago. Nathan is observant in his Jewish faith and attends prayer sessions every day. 

In 2011, Nathan graduated from Brandeis University magna cum laude and took 3 years off before going to law school. He attended the Chicago-Kent College of Law which is a part of the Illinois Institute of Technology. There he focused his coursework in litigation and torts. During law school he clerked at a number of firms before graduating and then started his own. 

Nathan considers law to be a “helping profession” and looks forward to aiding his clients in their most difficult times. 

Your Lawyer

If you have a case, you have a lawyer. Your lawyer obviously has to be good. But once you enter the process of negotiating a lawsuit, you not only have to have a lawyer who can fight in court, you have to have a lawyer who can work with you and your witnesses to put together a strong case. That requires compassion, dedication, and respect. You have to trust your lawyer so they can help you. That is what we are here for. We are here to help you win your case so you can get the least that you are owed after your ordeal, which is a little money. 

The Finances

There are a lot of myths about the finances of a case.

If you're in personal injury, you'll be charged on a "contingency" basis which means the lawyer only gets paid a percentage of the proceeds if we win. I am also willing to take a retainer or flat fee up front and sacrifice some of the percentage.

Non-PI cases take a retainer upfront and costs throughout the course of litigation.

The Next Steps

Give our office a call and we’ll figure out if you have a case! 


Send me an email! nhakimi14@gmail.com